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Kaigan Sushi
Kaigan Sushi
773 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA 94070
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Kaigan Sushi

773 Laurel Street, San Carlos, CA 94070

Interestingly, most Americans have accepted false definitions regarding what sushi actually is. Many believe they’re simply eating raw fish – yet raw fish is actually defined as “sashimi,” not sushi. Why sushi is routinely so expensive and considered a delicacy often goes back to its “acquired taste” roots, but regardless, what a good number of dining enthusiasts aren’t even aware of is that sushi doesn’t have to contain fish at all. Characterized by a slightly sweet, sticky rice made with a sweet vinegar and rice fusion, sushi is traditionally lined with seaweed – or kelp – called “nori” with choice ingredients placed in the center to be ultimately wrapped into a cylindrical roll form.

Enter Kaigan Sushi of San Carlos, where we have been taking this concept of an “acquired taste” to an entirely new, refreshing level. We offer an eye-opening array of our namesake sushi in addition to other Japanese favorites, our establishment boasting three private rooms and sushi bar seating. Considered unique amidst the sushi circuit, Kaigan Sushi even offers catering for parties and events.

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Our appetizer menu features recognized items such as Sashimi, Soft Shell Crab, Yaki-ika – grilled whole squid –Albacore Tuna Tataki and Tuna Tataki. In addition to a variety of Tempura dishes on our dinner entrees menu, customers often return for our Kaki Fry, a dish made of breaded and deep fried seasoned Pacific oysters, as well as Tonkastu, a breaded and deep fried seasoned pork cutlet.

The highlight of our menu here at Kaigan are our Sashimi and Sushi Dinners selections. Choose from Tekka Don, a delectable Tuna sashimi over a bed of sushi rice; Albacore Sashimi, nine pieces of fresh albacore tuna and rice;Maguro Sashimi, nine pieces of tuna and steamed rice; Sake Sashimi, nine pieces of salmon and steamed rice and Hamachi Sashimi, nine pieces of yellowtail and steamed rice.

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